With all of the styling tool options available in today’s market, it can be very confusing to choose the best curling iron for your hair.
I mean, let’s face it; most curling irons claim to be the best buy, but are they really?

curling iron


So, what should you really look for in a curling iron and what should you avoid?


When choosing the best one, you should discount everything that companies say about their product in order to market it.

Apart from what sellers say about their product, you should pay attention to what is written on the packaging in the small letters.


  1. Choose irons with a thermostat-controlled heat setting

This feature will allow you to select the temperature of the curling iron and set it according to how much heat you need to style your hair.

You see, not all hair can withstand the same amount of heat.

Some hair types, like fine hair, can only withstand minimal heat while coarse hair may need more intense heat to achieve any curl.

So, choosing a curling iron without this setting could result in more damage than is necessary or styles that are hard to achieve and maintain.


  1. Pay attention to what type of material the barrel is made out of.

On most irons, the barrel is made of metal, but you can find irons that are velvet-covered and ceramic plated.

  • Velvet covered irons are great for hair that is easily snagged and broken.
  • Ceramic plated irons work to infuse moisture into the hair strands while it is being curled.

For the most part, a metal barreled iron will do and these are the least expensive.

But if your hair is damaged or dull, you might want to spend a little extra for the ceramic-plated iron.


  1. Try to prolong the service life of iron

The first thing to wear out on a curling iron is usually the cord.

This is because the cord is put under a lot of pressure at the point where it connects with the curling iron when you move the iron this way and that.

To get an iron that lasts, choose an iron with a swivel cord connection. 

This type of cord will move as you move thus reducing the stress to the inner wires.


So, the next time you choose to buy a curling iron, pay less attention to the brand name and pomp surrounding a particular iron and look for features that you really need.