"We're definitely making the switch to darker, richer tones for the fall this year," says Andrew Fitzsimons. "
Summer is now gone! From warmer months to cooler breezes, seasonal shifts frequently inspire us to shift our looks. 
When you are going to get the color shift this autumn and are searching for inspiration, you are at the right spot. You will reach out to get inspired from root beer, chocolate with highlights, honey brown to rose brown!

1. Bronde is the most popular color today

Don't be scared of looking like others – you 're going to get your special bronde look.
bronde fall hair color


2. Rose gold

It’s the hue of your favorite jewelry, your go-to shoes, and maybe even your iPhone—so why not give yourself a crown of rose gold hair? Here, @guy_tang proves dark roots aren’t an issue when it comes to this style, so it's a fuss-free way for natural brunettes to lighten up. And don’t worry about getting bored; expect the color to change over time, from warm and rosy to an orangey-pink.
rose gold hair

3. Pearly Blonde

To get this luxurious check, match beige with a pearly blonde. A light color goes well with a gentle, feminine wave.
blond hair

4. Chunky Golden Highlights

If you have thick locks, play with chunkier highlights so you can get a fuller look.
 brunette hair color

5. Pink Hair Color

The key to colorful hair is to make it look harmonious. You see how her roots are showing and there’s a soft transition between the deep brown roots and bright pink lengths? If you want a warmer color, choose strawberry blonde.

6. Bronde Hair

It isn't just blonde, but it isn't completely brown – it's midfield!

7. Milky Blonde

8. White highlight 

9. Black and gold highlight

10. Brunette with blonde highlight balayage

11. Silver Hair with Blonde Highlights

We love the hints of gray in this hair! Paired with white blonde highlights – it’s a chic color!


12. Honey Bronde

Go honey-haired, and you'll never go back. This shade keeps your blonde warm (but not too bright) at the end of the summer.

13. Ombre silver gray


14. Bold Ginger and Strawberry Blonde

This hair has a ginger and strawberry blonde color blend. The roots of the hair are quite dark and the color gradually changes until we get to that lighter blonde shade. It is a stunning color idea and it is just the perfect look for the fall. You can recreate this or choose just one of the shades of red for all over color.

15. Burgundy to Blonde Colormelt

Want a trendy fall hair idea? Then this next pick could be for you. The hair starts dark at the top and blends into copper and blonde tones. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that will stylishly update your look. Hair like this will suit anyone with any hair length.

16. Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde


17. Warm Brown/Caramel Balayage

Hate seeing root regrowth? Coloring your ends might be the answer and this warm brown/caramel balayage hair color combo would be a great place to start.


18. Warm Rose Brown

Have a thing for rose gold or all things rose-tinted?
Me too, so I couldn’t take my eyes of this warm rose brown hair color shade.



20. Maroon glaze

Do you cringe at the thought of bleaching your brunette mane? You’re not alone, which is why many people turn to an all-over glaze to warm up their locks. A red tint like this from @sarahnicole.hair will change your look without feeling too drastic, and glaze treatments can actually add strength and shine to your hair.

21. Dark purples and blues

We get it, some people can’t fathom the idea of going light. But that can pose a problem when you want your tresses to stand out like the unicorn mane look we’ve seen all summer. Now that fall is here, you can take a break from neon and see the season as an excuse to explore a deeper color palate, like @whimsical_brandi. Rich purples and blues will help you make a statement.

22. Brunette and gold 


23. Burgundy Hair

I’ve always wanted burgundy hair, but alas, this colour just won’t work for me (and believe me, I tried and it ended in disaster!) so I’ll have to admire it from afar…


25. Ash Brown Balayage

If you love a bit cooler-toned than your typical brunette, then a light ash brown balayage must be the best choice. The results are stunning.


27. Ultraviolet




30. Rich Chocolate


31. Fiery Red

32. Icy Platinum

33. Salt and Pepper

34 Jet Black


35. Dusty Blue

36.  Purple roots

37. Light blue mix blonde

38. Toasted Coconut 

39. Ombre blue