You're enthused about your new synthetic wig and sporting your hot locks every day.

But someday you begin to notice the cap starts feeling oily and the strands directly at bottom of your neck are looking frizzy. These are manifestations of a hairpiece in urgent need of a washing.

Never fear; we’ve got the inside track for you! Actually, wig care is easy - with the right care products. Wash, rinse, shake, and dry - that's all!

Below is our recommended method for correctly washing your synthetic wig. Just follow these steps to find out the way to wash a man-made wig, and shortly you will be a pro!

how to wash synthetic wigs

Step 1: Preparation

To ensure a successful washing experience, you'll need:

  • A basin or sink
  • Shampoo (a mild shampoo, preferably baby shampoo or wig shampoo)
  • Conditioner specifically for synthetic wigs
  • A wig comb
  • A clean towel
  • A wig stand


Step 2:  Fill a sink or bowl with cold water. Hot water can seriously damage the locks.


Step 3: Add one to two spoons of shampoo in the water and stir it together.


Step 4: Comb the wig

Comb out the wig with a wide-tooth comb or a wig brush. Start at the bottom and comb all the way through to the highest.

Sometimes, you may need to gently work out tangles. NEVER attempt to force difficult bunches - this will pull out the synthetic fibers and bring harm to the wig cap.


Step 5: Carefully place the wig in the water.


Step 6:Soak Your Wig:

  • Churn the water around a touch to make sure the shampoo thoroughly mixes in.
  • Let hair in the water for 5 minutes so that the shampoo can work. Make sure not to scrub at the wig. The shampoo is self-cleaning.


Step 7: Carefully rinse the wig under clear, lukewarm water. 

Slightly run your fingers over the sides of the wig cap, especially areas with much sweat and dirt. Be delicate on hand-tied soiling. (Repeat the process for very heavy blot.)


Step 8:

As you wish, you can rehash this procedure by including a couple of drops of emollient for hair. This isn't necessary, yet it gives the wig a sleek sparkle and makes it more smooth to comb.


Step 9:

Turn the hairpiece to one side so the outfit is outward, the hair inwards, and afterward leave it in the water shower for around 10 minutes.


Step 10: Dry the wig

After the model is washed, softly touch it off with a towel. Please do not rub and wring your wig.


Step 11:

Shake the wig up to let the wig air dry completely. 

Ideally on an open wig stand so that air can get from below to the lower gear.

When the hairpiece or wig is completely dry, you can spray on the conditioner. This is best done from a distance of 20-30 cm.


Step 12:

Spray a little conditioner spray onto wet hair and let the wig air dry. Best done from a distance of 20-30 cm.

Or you can soften the wig using related conditioners and then wash the wig again.


Step 13:

Comb out the wig when it is completely dry and store it.

Tips for sustaining your locks lush and fine:

  1. Depend on how often you wear a wig, you should wash it flexibly.

For daily use, there should be approximately every 2-3 weeks clean.

It also depends on the individual—some people just sweat a little more than the other. 

  1. Use only the recommended care products, including combs, otherwise damage to the hair fiber.
  2. Never try to blow dry your synthetic locks. Heat friendly synthetic wig can bear blow-drying but had better let the hair air drying.
  3. NEVER brush or comb out a wet wig.

If you are working with a curly wig, consider washing the wig inside a hairnet to prevent frizz.

synthetic wig wash ways