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Wha's the issue every wig user concerned about? 

There is nothing like being in a grocery store and starting to wonder if someone is gazing at you as if they know that your hair isn't yours. 

Why? Is that your poor-quality wig that makes people dubious? 

Quality affects appearance, and it depends on the price—you'll get what you pay for. 


But not just that, though. 

A wig will end up in the fry, filthy, and oily without any care regardless of the cost. Whether or not people can tell if you are wearing a wig depends not just on the quality of your wig, but also how well you take care of it. 

In reality, they are our second hair and give us every day fresh confidence.


The great thing about synthetic wigs is that they require very little care and maintenance. With a synthetic wig, you can have perfect hair every day with almost no effort. 


Here are some tips to keep your wig fresher, more complete, and more beautiful than ever.


  1. Watch out for heating devices 

wig hair tool heat device

It hurts the hair when it's too hot! There are tools to do that, rinse, curl, straighten! But only moderately!


— Preferably, keep the hair dry, ensuring that the hair is cleaner and silky. Check it, yes, you 're going to look at it! 

— Take care of the use of heating devices. Just use your wig, where possible, for heat devices like blow dryers, iron, curling iron, etc. We damage the hair over time to make it dry to easier to peel.

— Use the blow dryer in the cold air mode if you can't wait for the hair to naturally dry and want to blow dry or straighten up. This refers specifically to somewhat wavy hair. We certainly suggest the ar drying for curly or wavy hair, on the other hand! 

—When the wig is dry, use your fingertips or a wide-tooth comb to make the hairstyle you like. It's not advised to comb it when it's damp so it won't spoil. The trick to taking good care of your wig is always to comb it until it's dry.


  1. Use special wig products

Traditional shampoos and conditioners have harsh chemicals that can permanently ruin your wig, and your wig hair isn't going to fix itself over time like natural hair, particularly if it's synthetic.


The secret to wig care is to use shampoos and conditioners specially made for wigs. In reality, you 're saying that it's YOUR hair and that it deserves the best! 

  • Use premium materials that are suited to the texture of the hair (wavy, kinky, smooth, etc.). 
  • Use exclusive shampoos and treatments for blond hair.


You paid decent money for your wig, spend on high-quality items to keep it in good condition. 


Say it to us: "Not all shampoos and conditioners are made equal." 


You know that, we know that, the stylist knows that. Only your husband-who insists he's all right with Pert and he's been secretly using your shampoo for the last 25 years-knows it.


  1. Wear your wig less frequently than not 

We 're not asking you not to wear a wig every day. We 're suggesting you not going to wear the same wig every day. 


In time, the color disappears, the threads tend to fly, and the overall visibility decreases. 


If you're a day-to-day wig wearer, we recommend buying two wigs. The fewer you wear a specific wig, the longer it lasts. In fact, rotating would encourage you to take better care of your wigs on "off" days.


  1. Take off the wig when sleeping or bathing

You've always found the best way to wash your wig, so do that, and please, never spray your wig on, just take it off while it's raining too heavily. 

The sleeping part, well, you don't want to leave it all twisted and full of knots in the night.


  1. Visit your stylist!

Styling wigs is a different process than designing natural hair. 


If you need to style your wig, it's safer if you take it to an expert, there are a lot of salons specialized in the treatment and design of wigs. So your stylist will be able to offer you some tips and tricks to dress your wig without harming it. 


Most significantly, if you make a mistake of cutting your wig on your own or use too much heat, it will be permanently ruined. Your stylist went to school to learn how to trim real hair and wig hair, and she's much less likely to screw things up! 


Best to check-in with your stylist any time you buy a wig. Different wig comes in various styles, so it's nice to get every piece of advice.



  1. Not wash your wig frequently

There is no need to wash your hair too much—it will dry your hair out and make it lose shine.


The same applies to wigs whether fake or natural hair wigs. If you have one wig, wait a couple of days between the washes to preserve the wig 's natural gloss. 


If you have alternatives then wear wigs in a rotating way and wash each wig after using.


  1. Learn how to wash a wig properly

The days of rubbing shampoo on the hair are gone. 


Doing that's going to spoil your wig, and sooner or later you will need to buy a new one.


So it's necessary to follow some scientific steps that specific to a wig:


—Soak the hair in soapy water for a few minutes. Then gently comb the shampoo over it. 


—Gently rinse the wig in cool or lukewarm water, shake back and forth. Continue until all the wig is clean.


—Repeat steps one and two for conditioning products. 


—Untangle the wig using a detangling brush, not normal brushes, it will damage the fiber.


—Spray a little conditioner spray onto wet hair and let the wig air dry. Best done from a distance of 20-30 cm.


If you want to see more detail process with pictures, click on this article:

13 Quick Steps Regarding How To Wash A Synthetic Wig


  1. Back away from the pollution

We can't imagine how pollution and urban turmoil are attacking us every day, and our hair is the first hitter of these upheavals. The accumulation of fine particles, dust, sweat, and also styling products makes your hair heavy and clunky. They swell up and get tangled quite. Here's how to deal with it!


  • Wash your hair as soon as you feel it is less smooth, the curls are less defined, and you find it more difficult to comb it.
  • Rinse the hair with cool water and add a teaspoon of apple vinegar or alcohol to the basin.
  • Do not use too many hair care and styling products. A few drops a day are enough. The excess of products weighs down your hair and makes it difficult to handle. It would also need you to have frequent shampoo, which would complicate your routine.


  1. Take care of your own hair at the same time

Frequently clean and condition your own hair! Wearing a wig is not a reason for your hair to be dirty or unmanageable and dry. When you put on your wig, always tie or pull your hair back in a way that doesn't show. I recommend that you use a cap to make it easier to hide your hair and keep it clean.


Here are some good ways to do it:

  • Putting on a satin hat is comfortable to wear and soft on your hair. 
  • Tie your hair up in a bun or, for curly or wavy hair, make a braid. Besides to retaining hydration, this will prevent them from getting tangled while you sleep. 
  • Spread your pillow with a square of silk. Your hair and the pillowcase are going to thank you! 
  • Never sleep with damp hair, always make sure it is completely dry before you go to bed. If they dry out while you're sleeping around, they might get tangled up the next morning. If it's too late because you've been shampooing in the evening instead of in the morning or on the weekend, braid it and/or protect it as indicated above.


  1. Keep your wig covered and upright between uses

When you're not wearing your wig, make to store it properly. Keep your wig in a cool place. If you haven't learned anything else to read this post, it should be that heat and wigs are a dangerous combination.


Keep the certain humidity of the room in which you store your wigs, especially if the climate around you is dry. The humidifier keeps your wig from drying out.


Put your wig hair on a mannequin head (an expensive styrofoam one is fine) or a wig stand. To shield the wig from damage and dust, use a light cover.


Extra professional advice:

- Do not cook with the wig on and never open the oven with it on your head. - Try not to use lacquer and if you do, use lacquer specially designed for wigs. - Synthetic wigs cannot be dyed, so try not to expose it to the sun for a long time to prevent spoiling its color. - If you want to add volume to your wig, remember to shake it before putting it on.


- Handle your hair when using shampoo or when the wig is wet. Remember to use fingers or wides combs when applying conditioner or mask.


- Avoid washing with too hot water so as not to soften the fasteners which could slip and fall. Do not add any products containing alcohol or oil on the lace when removing your wig for shampoo.


- Make your shampoos and treatments quietly on weekends while taking your time and having fun.


- Do not brush your hair too fiercely. Choose your brush wisely, preferably with spikes, and use only broad teeth combs. Place your hand on the core of


- Strengthen the knots of your lace wig by adding a product specially designed for this purpose.


If you have any questions about our hair and wigs, don't hesitate to send us an email at hairrfashion@gmail.com. It would be our pleasure to help you!

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